About the Owners of BrodtZenatti Holdings:
The Collaborators of El Kawaran Tahini


Avi Zenatti, Director of Operations for El Karawan Tahini and CEO of BrodtZenatti Holdings LLC, was born in Nazareth Illit, Israel. He moved to the United States where he began his entrepreneurial business doing real estate in the Big Apple. Soon after, he met his wife Ilana Brodt, who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ilana came to the United States in 1984 and moved to New Year City, where she began her fruitful artistic career. The two entrepreneurs both shared a love for Tahini, as it is the known staple of Israeli food. After ordering boxes of Tahini from their home country for personal consumption, both Avi and Ilana were frustrated by the U.S.’s lack of healthy, preservative-free Tahini and Hummus.


They quickly realized that there is a strong need to bring the superfood to the American market.


In fact, Hummus in the U.S. only has 13% Tahini content, whereas the Hummus Ilana and Avi introduced contains 25%.


The love for Israeli culture cultivated into the desire to introduce the U.S. to El Karawan Tahini, which is manufactured in Israel’s West Bank. Avi and Ilana received Global Exclusive Rights to distribute the Tahini within the U.S. border. Now, health-conscious Americans have the opportunity to experience the bold, delicious taste of Israeli food right here in the States.

Israel’s Culinary Inspiration


Israel is known for its cultural influence on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Shawarma, Baba Ganoush, Falafel, Hummus and Tahini are all foods overwhelmingly popular in the Middle Eastern country. Such a nutritious atmosphere influenced two like-minded individuals to spread their love for food to the United States market.

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